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Energy Efficiency At Hive

Great news! Hive is loaded with sustainable choices, from our rooftop solar panels to our ground floor pollinator garden.  These choices reduce utility costs for residents, create a pleasing living space and are hands down the right thing to do for our planet.

One of the best parts about choosing to live at Hive is knowing that your home beats Canada’s  National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) requirements by an incredible 20%.  Thanks to the effort of our skilled team of architects, planners, engineers and landscape designers, Hive is setting a modern standard for green building.

How did we do it?

Increased roof insulation from 4” to 6”

Vinyl windows reduce thermal bridging (unwanted flow of heat)

Robust building envelope includes exterior insulation with rainscreen and fiber cement panels

LED lighting

Low flow plumbing fixtures and leak detectors that reduce the risk of water loss or water damage

140 rooftop solar panels that replace energy used from coal-fired plants

2 Electric Vehicle parking stations

High efficiency mechanical system including:

Condensing boilers, MUA (make-up air) and water heaters, which provide efficient heating to reduce overall GHG emissions, carbon footprint

Make-up air heating improvement from 80% to 92% efficiency – reducing overall GHG emissions and our carbon footprint

Equipping suites with ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) that bring fresh air to the suite while minimizing the energy to heat and cool the air

In addition to modern and efficient systems, Hive offers a lifestyle that makes sense for reducing environmental impact. Getting where you need to go can be done easily by C-train,  making use of connections to local bike paths and enjoying life in Calgary’s most walkable communities, Sunnyside.

Check with our Leasing Team for more information about what to expect from your monthly utility costs at Hive. We think you’ll love the savings and feel great about where you live.